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Meet the Goulet Family:

The Goulets

Brian Goulet
is the co-president and the chief blogger behind Ink Nouveau, and has no shortage of ideas for new blog posts and videos. A natural-born leader, Brian provides the strategic vision for GPC. He was the originator of the "Goulet packing method" and strives to instill that same level of artistry in all of our team members. He is the primary photographer for all of our product images on the website. Brian grew up in Glen Allen, VA with entrepreneurial parents who instilled in him a great sense of independence. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2006 with a degree in residential property management, then spent a few years working with his dad doing home powerwashing and carpet cleaning. After turning to woodworking as a hobby, eventually the Goulet Pen Company was formed (see full story below). Check out his favorite inks.

Rachel Goulet is the co-president and the support system behind GPC, responsible for the website, accounting, human resources, social media, oversight of purchase orders, and general management and oversight everywhere else. She is the programmer behind our great tools like the Swab Shop, Nib Nook, and Pen Plaza. In addition to this full-time job, she's also a full-time mom of two, which often keeps her just as busy as GPC! She is originally from Centreville, VA, and graduated from Virginia Tech in 2006 with a degree in business management. Before GPC, she spent a few years working as a Federal recruiter, and a few years doing Excel programming and process engineering at a Fortune 500 company. Brian and Rachel met in late 2001 and have been married since 2006. Check out her favorite inks.

Joseph Goulet is three years old and while not much actual help in the shop yet, we think he has enormous potential and a big future ahead of him within GPC. Joseph brings a lot of energy, joy, and inspiration to the Goulet team. He continues to expand his vocabulary and keeps us all entertained with his new words and phrases. His favorite activities are reading Dr. Seuss books, playing with cars, trucks, and trains, and watching any movie featuring cars, trucks, or trains. Thomas the Tank Engine is his favorite character at the moment. He adores his little sister and is a great big brother to her.

Ellie Goulet, our second child, is one year old. She's a very happy, mobile little girl, now walking and talking! She seems to be a bit more outgoing and adventurous (yep, she's a climber!), and has the sweetest locks of brown curls. We think she's a beauty! :) She loves to follow her big brother Joseph around and try to do whatever he's doing.

Meet Team Goulet:

Ben Morehead is a graduate of Radford University and a good ol' boy from Southwest Virginia, who loves the outdoors (especially fishing). He has discovered an interest in fountain pens as he's learned about them through his working here. He has an affinity for his Stainless Steel Lamy Studio, which he has dubbed "The Fish Pen" (he likens its finish to a Striped Bass). He was our very first employee back in our home garage, and is a packing machine, trained rigorously by Brian in the "ways of the Goulet." Check out his favorite inks.
Clayton Adam Schultz, who most often just goes by Adam, is one of our newer warehouse guys and learning fast. He and Brian were in show choir together in high school - both were dance captains and vocal leads, a year apart. He attended Shenandoah University and for years he has applied his studies to teach guitar, piano and vocal lessons. Adam is getting married this fall to the love of his life, Stacey - and enjoys making time to create portraits, play video games, and maintain his garden. Adam holds a true passion for music composition and was the long time lead singer of the rock band "Caulit Anything" and recently fell in love with skydiving.

Crystal Waldrop is fairly new to the Goulet team and doesn't seem to mind being the only girl in the warehouse. She enjoys spending time at her home in Rockville playing video games and watching a good movie. She loves her cats, and can always be found ready to read a new book. Crystal is extremely gifted in designing and creating crafts of all kinds; from cross-stitching to sewing together complete costumes! She and her friends trek up and down the east coast attending anime conventions and competing (and often winning) costume contests. She is attentive and observant, but always cheerful and very easy-going..."It's all good!"

Drew Brown is our Shipping Manager and oversees everything in the warehouse. He really enjoys doodling and drawing, and since working at GPC, he has caught Brian's contagious passion for fountain pens. Drew and Brian have been friends since 1st grade, where they shared a love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In college, Drew studied digital video at the School of Communication Arts, and loves to edit videos, often of his kayak trips. He has a passion for European power metal, video games, comics, and just about anything from the 80's. He lives in Richmond with his wife Shannon, and their two Welsh Corgis. Check out his favorite inks.
Jacob Minnick is from Abingdon, VA and a graduate of Virginia Tech. Fluent and holding a degree in Spanish, Jacob spent nearly a year in Ecuador as part of his studies. After moving to Richmond, he and Lyla (his Black Lab) have grown to love spending time at the James River, and running, hiking and camping throughout the state. Jacob has a subtle yet sharp sense of humor, and is a great listener. He is an avid guitarist, and also has a passion for soccer and other sports. In addition to his many hobbies he also finds the time to volunteer with high school students in student ministry. Check out his favorite inks.

Katy Campbell is one of our Administrative Support Specialists and helps with the order management and customer service. She is also the first left-handed contribution to the team. She is a recent graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in Geography. Katy grew up in Northern Virginia just a stone’s throw from Washington D.C., but was drawn to the new and exciting experience of living here in Richmond. She is a volunteer with YWCA helping to empower women and aid victims of domestic violence. She is currently trying to harness good cooking skills, but has yet to master the perfect cupcake or how to fry a good piece of chicken. Check out her favorite inks.
Rachel Myers is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in International Studies with a focus on Environmental Affairs and Spanish. She is one of our Administrative Support Specialists helping with order management and customer service. She has a dry sense of humor and loves detail, whether it be coloring in the lines or organizing everything around her. She also has a passion for recycling and drinking coffee as well as being outside (as long as it's warm). In her free time, Rachel enjoys running, reading, and watching Jeopardy. Check out her favorite inks.
Randall Watford is a proud native of the Buckeye state. He is our Warehouse Foreman in the shop, responsible for making sure the warehouse is well-organized and the orders keep flowing. He's a champ at pulling and packing orders, and helps train new warehouse team members. He is newly married to his wife Ellen and is an avid fan of Stepbrothers thanks to Ben and Sam's brainwashing. His disposition is reserved, and he often shakes his head at the shenanigans from the others. Check out his favorite inks.
Sam Vaughn is another fellow graduate of our alma mater, Virginia Tech (go Hokies!) with a degree in Economics. He's our Inventory Control Analyst (aka our numbers guy), helping manage our inventory and plan out Ink Drop. He places all of our purchase orders, forecasts future demand, and provides us with all kinds of reports and charts. He enjoys hiking, reading, and playing his guitar. He's involved in Young Life and enjoys listening to others and sharing life experiences. He's a magician with a Frisbee and he can quote movies like it's his job. He's a bit of a spark plug, and he has a weakness for sweets.
Will Wright is a 2011 graduate of Furman University in beauitful Greenville, SC. He was an Ink Drop/Pen Flush double major and graduated with a perfect 4.0. Just kidding.... about both statements. He is a rock in our warehouse, helping to pull and pack orders. He enjoys the outdoors, live music, and eating healthy foods and candy. Unlike Randall, Will nods his head approvingly at the shenanigans of the others. Will will be attending grad school at VCU this fall to study urban planning. Check out his favorite inks.
Yorrick Michaels is our shop assistant, which means he lives and breathes ink samples, taping up and tearing down boxes, and all the random miscellaneous tasks around the shop that we can throw at him. He's a huge fan of action and comedy films, the New England Patriots, and Sons of Anarchy. He'll be attending college this fall, and finds time to volunteer to help his local ministry. He's always quick to seize the opportunity to use his unique brand of humor to entertain himself (and those who can tell when he's pulling someone's leg). He's our youngest member of team Goulet at the ripe age of 19, but he's definitely a hard worker and a great morale booster! Check out his favorite inks.

How the Goulet Pen Company Began:

The Goulet Pen Company originally began as a hobby in 2007, when Brian's lifelong interest in woodworking led him to purchase a small lathe and try penturning on a whim. Goulet Pens quickly became a hit with our friends and family. Despite the fact we were living in an apartment and Brian's "workshop" was on a covered balcony, we picked up our first corporate order and thus the hobby turned into a business in a matter of weeks. Brian made his pens on nights and weekends until late 2008, when he decided to devote his career to penturning.

After making over 800 custom rollerball pens, Brian took an interest in fountain pens after attending the DC Fountain Pen Supershow in 2009. In late 2009, we decided to expand from writing instruments to enhancing the overall writing experience. We embraced the Clairefontaine family of products first, then gradually increased our ink offerings to over 600 ink colors, and continued to acquire new brands of quality fountain pens.

The Goulet Pen Company has earned a loyal following by offering the finest products at competitive prices, superior customer service, and through the education and inspiration offered through our blog, Ink Nouveau.

The Goulet Pen Company was founded on a vision of providing a personal level of service through an online format, like has never been done before in the writing world. We are always striving to provide a fantastic customer experience and a unique knowledge of our products based on our own personal interest and our constant communication with the writing community.

Let us enhance your writing experience!

Write On,
Brian and Rachel Goulet

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