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Meet Team Goulet:

Alex Ross
Alex joined our team in 2011 (the good ol' garage days) and is our Community Manager, helping customers out through social media. She grew up in Richmond, VA and moved on to graduate from the fine university of Virginia Tech (go Hokies!) with a degree in Business, Hospitality and Tourism Management. She is passionate about the fall, Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, and Hokie football. She loves reading, running, and going on walks with her husband, Sam, and her Bernese puppy, Harper. Alex is also involved with Young Life and spends a good chunk of her free time hanging out with high school students in the area.
Anna Reynolds
Anna joined our Customer Care team in mid-2014. Anna grew up in Eastern NC, a little over an hour from the beach. She attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and majored in Religion and Women’s Studies. She moved to Church Hill in Richmond a little over a year ago and absolutely loves it. She enjoys reading, running, watching Carolina basketball, and doing anything at the beach. She is an avid fan of Bluegrass and The Beatles. In her spare time, she co-leads a small group of high school girls in Church Hill.
Ben Lee
Ben joined our warehouse team in late 2013. He has a degree in Theatre (emphasis on Digital Filmmaking) from Old Dominion University, and he is also a published singer/songwriter and avid skateboarder. He's looking forward to discovering new inks and pens to help him get into his creative groove. So far, his favorite pairing is the Lamy 2000 filled with Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun or Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses. He loves the passion of our customers and is eager to participate in the fountain pen community.
Caitlin Dunn
Caitlin joined our Customer Care team in early 2014. A native of Richmond, VA, she also spent some time in the suburbs of West Philadelphia, PA. She graduated from Christopher Newport University with a degree in Fine Arts (studio arts, drawing and painting). Her family is obsessed with Disney World and she's been 23 times in her life... so far! She enjoys watercolors, art history, her cat George, reading, watching The Office, and hanging out with friends. In her spare time, she volunteers as a Young Life leader, mentoring and spending time with high school girls.
Clayton Adam Schultz
Adam joined our warehouse team in early 2013 and has quickly become a natural leader. He now serves as our Fulfillment Manager, overseeing warehouse operations. He and Brian were in show choir together in high school - both were dance captains and vocal leads, a year apart. He attended Shenandoah University and for years he has applied his studies to teach guitar, piano and vocal lessons. Adam is married to the love of his life, Stacey - and enjoys making time to create portraits, play video games, and maintain his garden. Adam holds a true passion for music composition and was the long-time lead singer of the rock band "Caulit Anything" and recently fell in love with skydiving.
Crystal Waldrop
Crystal joined our warehouse team in early 2013. She enjoys spending time at her home in Rockville, VA playing video games and watching a good movie. She loves her cats, and can always be found ready to read a new book. Crystal is extremely gifted in designing and creating crafts of all kinds; from cross-stitching to sewing together complete costumes! She and her friends trek up and down the east coast attending anime conventions and competing (and often winning) costume contests. She is attentive and observant, but always cheerful and very easy-going..."It's all good!"
Drew Brown
Drew is our Customer Care Manager and oversees our admin & customer service team. He was one of our first hires in 2011, back in the garage days. He really enjoys doodling and drawing, and since working at GPC, he has caught Brian's contagious passion for fountain pens. Drew and Brian have been friends since 1st grade, where they shared a love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In college, Drew studied digital video at the School of Communication Arts, and loves to edit videos, often of his kayak trips. He has a passion for European power metal, video games, comics, and just about anything from the 80's. He lives in Richmond with his wife Shannon, their baby boy, and their two Welsh Corgis..
Greg Shelton
Greg joined our warehouse team in mid-2013. He started off living in New England, moved to Louisiana for a while, and is now getting settled into things here in central Virginia! He is at home in the great outdoors, but if he has to be inside he's probably going to be exercising and staying active - every day he keeps up his personal jogging and lifting routine. Greg also has a knack for identifying and connecting with a very wide variety of musical styles, from industrial rock to tranquil sitar instrumentals. Additionally, he's an active guitar player himself - always seeking to learn and improve.

Jenni Marsh
Jenni joined our team in mid-2014 as our videographer, where she primarily works on filming/editing video, motion graphics and graphic design. She attended James Madison University and graduated with a degree in Media and Design and minored in Art and Film Studies. She loves karaoke and open mic nights especially when she gets up the courage to play her ukelele. She is secretly terrified of maple syrup and hates pancakes with a passion. In her spare time she works as makeup artist and loves special effects makeup. On the weekends you can find her watching any older black and white film she can get her hands on or cuddling with her cats Clawed Monet and Pablo Piclawso.
Jeremy Worley
Jeremy joined our Customer Care team in mid-2014. He grew up in Virginia but moved to Nashville, TN for 10 years to immerse himself in the music scene. Lucky for us, he and his family (his wife, daughter) relocated back to the Richmond area in 2013. A week before starting work with us, they welcomed a new baby boy into their family and are adjusting to life as a family of four. Jeremy is passionate about writing and recording music and his go-to artist is Jon McLaughlin. He also is an avid fisherman and loves being on the water.
Jessica Johnson
Jessica joined our warehouse team in late 2013, and is one of the most bubbly, friendly, and confident people you'll ever meet. She's quite a gamer and loves all things Zelda. You're also likely to find her running to a good beat or sitting in a quiet room and reading. Jessica also enjoys drawing, especially when it's with a Platinum Maki-e inked up with some scented De Atramentis Hyacinth.
Joe Diamond
Joe joined our warehouse team in early 2014, and is also an avid wildlife photographer in his spare time. He loves twisting, turning, and trailblazing to find that perfect shot! His favorite spot is the Boundary Water area of Minnesota, a place so remote and unfettered by humans that the wildlife teems in abundance. Joe also enjoys canoeing, horseback riding, and rock climbing, so it’s no surprise that one of his favorite inks is De Atramentis Fir, whose evergreen scent puts him into a wilderness mindset whenever he writes.
Joe Olney
Joe joined our warehouse team in mid-2013, and is easily our most well-traveled team member. He has held residence in Iowa, Florida, Georgia, Virginia and Texas - and a year serving overseas as a combat engineer in the US Army. Joe spent 9 years in the Army; 3 years active duty and 6 years in the Virginia National Guard, including a tour in Iraq in 2004. Now holding a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from VCU, Joe uses his worldly experience to create some truly astounding works of art. Joe specializes in drawings and paintings, while also creating some very intricate yet large-scale installations.
Katie Sullivan
Katie joined our eagle-eyed warehouse team in early 2014. She loves hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, sewing costumes for anime conventions, and creating intricate chain mail jewelry for the Renaissance Faire. Her favorite nature locale is Humpback Rock, where she’s planning to marry the love of her life this fall. She loves the challenging hike to the top where she soaks in the gorgeous panoramic views and can listen to the pure sounds of nature.
Madigan Milford
Madigan Milford joined our team in mid-2014. She graduated from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) with a degree in International Studies. After graduation, she spent some time in Blacksburg before moving to Seoul, South Korea where she lived for three years teaching Kindergarten. A recent transplant to Richmond from Washington DC, Madigan enjoys cooking, playing the ukulele, and yoga. She also loves spending time with her large unruly family.
Margaret Barefoot
Margaret recently joined our Customer Care team in mid-2014. She is a native of Charlottesville, Virginia and takes great pride in her hometown. She attended James Madison University (go Dukes!) and graduated with a degree in Psychology and Religion. She's spent the last 3 years living in Loudoun County, Va. Margaret and her husband Josh are new to Richmond and are excited to explore the city. Margaret is involved with a non profit called Young Life and loves sitting down with someone over coffee to share life stories. She loves Mexican food, reading blogs, and planning her next travel adventure.
Matt Sizemore
Matt joined our Customer Care team in early 2014. He is a graduate of Presbyterian College, home of the Blue Hose (which is a Scottish warrior, think Braveheart) with a degree in Business Administration. He was on the golf team in college and spent the summer after graduation hitting up the pro circuit. He also enjoys skateboarding and anything outdoors. He's a bit of a spark plug (much like Sam), with a witty remark always ready to go. Matt is still fairly new to fountain pens but so far is enjoying writing thank you notes with Lamy pens and J. Herbin inks.
Rachel Myers
Rachel joined our admin team in early 2013, and helps with purchase orders and accounting. She is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in International Studies with a focus on Environmental Affairs and Spanish. She has a dry sense of humor and loves detail, whether it be coloring in the lines or organizing everything around her. She also has a passion for recycling and drinking coffee as well as being outside (as long as it's warm). In her free time, Rachel enjoys running, reading, cooking, and keeping up with current events.
Randall Watford
Randall joined our warehouse team in late 2011 and is now our Assistant Fulfillment Manager, responsible for making sure the warehouse is well-organized and the orders keep flowing. He's a champ at pulling and packing orders, and helps train new warehouse team members.
He is a proud native of the Buckeye state (Ohio), and an avid fan of the movie Stepbrothers. He is married to his wife Ellen, with a baby on the way later this year! His disposition is reserved, and he often shakes his head at the shenanigans from the others. He volunteers with Young Life in his spare time.
Ross Wright
Ross joined our warehouse team in early 2014. When he’s not packing our products like a pro, you’ll likely find Ross in the great outdoors. He’s been an avid surfer since he was nine, and has found surfing to be a lifelong love and an activity that he uses to completely clear his mind and stay focused. Ross also enjoys skateboarding and has recently started building his own custom-poured concrete ramps. He loves golfing, experiencing new cultures through traveling, and using darker fountain pen inks - particularly Noodler’s Bad Black Moccasin and Gruene Cactus Eel.
Sarah Mattozzi
Sarah joined our team in mid-2014 as our triple threat multi-media specialist, focusing on photography, videography, and graphic design. She is a recent graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Photography and Film. She has been pursuing photography ever since the age of 12 with her mom's floppy-disk camera. She is an avid collector of quotes, and enjoys thrift store hunting for antique dresses, weight lifting, and listening to Elvis. In her spare time, she enjoys working in the darkroom with film and alternative processes.
Sam Vaughn
Sam joined our team in mid-2011, back in the garage days. He's our Inventory Control Analyst (aka our numbers guy), helping manage our inventory and plan out Ink Drop. He places all of our purchase orders, forecasts future demand, and provides us with all kinds of reports and charts.
He is another fellow graduate of our alma mater, Virginia Tech (go Hokies!) with a degree in Economics. He enjoys hiking, reading, and playing his guitar. He's involved in Young Life ministries and enjoys listening to others and sharing life experiences. He's a magician with a Frisbee and he can quote movies like it's his job. He's a bit of a spark plug, and he has a weakness for sweets. He is newly married to his wife Kelly.
Trevor Spencer
Trevor joined our warehouse team in mid-2013. Another native of Northern Virginia, Trevor has been living in the Richmond area for six years now. He's been a great addition to our well-rounded and diverse warehouse team - bringing in a great attitude and positive vibe. Trevor's always got something planned - he loves to take the opportunity to go fishing or camping whenever he can. He's also a huge sports fan, and counts himself among the dedicated fans of the Washington Redskins and Washington Nationals. While his outdoor and sports interests keep him busy, the bulk of his free time is spent with the River City Band. A knowledgeable and passionate music fan, his band plays somewhere almost every weekend - with Trevor on his banjo.

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