Visconti Medici Fountain Pen - Rose Gold, Fine

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Made with a brand new material called Acrosilk, the Visconti Medici fountain pen is an 8-sided, oversized fountain pen designed to invoke the spirit of the Medici mansions of Florence. Trimmed with exquisite rose gold, this pen is equipped with Visconti’s legendary 23k Palladium Dreamtouch fine nib plated in rose gold. The Medici is the perfect combination of innovative materials and proven designs.

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Visconti Medici Fountain Pen - Rose Gold, Fine

The Medici family of Italy was one of the most influential families in Italian history. Predominantly bankers, the family owned one of the largest and most respected banks in Europe at the time. The Medici’s were avid patrons of the arts and served as the patron for many artists, including Brunelleschi, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. It was during the Medici’s patronage that da Vinci illustrated Luca Pacioli’s The Divine Proportion which described the formula for geometric relationships that are pleasing to the eye.

Visconti honors the Medici family patronage of the arts with the Visconti Medici Fountain Pen. The 8-sided barrel, inspired by the baptistry of Florence, is designed using the divine proportion to create a perfectly geometric pen. To capture the essence of the materials used in the Medici villas, Visconti sought out a new material, something that would be reminiscent of these princely Italian mansions. They created a new material by combining acrylic resin and silk fibers and called it Acrosilk. The Acrosilk in the Medici is deep brown with flecks of a lighter, golden brown, reminiscent of the wood used to construct its namesake’s luxury villas. The Medici family crest is engraved into the rose gold trim, completing Visconti’s tribute to the Medicis.

This regular edition fountain pen utilizes Visconti’s power filler mechanism and is fitted with Visconti’s oversized 23k Palladium Dreamtouch fine nib plated in rose gold. It comes in a gift box with a manual and is covered by Visconti’s 2-year warranty.

Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
Fountain Pens
Pen Model
Visconti Medici
Body Color
Body Material
Cap Type
Hook Safe Lock
Compatible inks & refills
Bottled inks
Filling Mechanism
Power Filler
Grip Material
Nib Color
Rose gold
Nib Material
23kt Palladium
Nib Size
Rose Gold
Diameter - Body
14.4mm (0.6in)
Diameter - Cap (without clip)
16.1mm (0.6in)
Diameter - Cap (with clip)
20.2mm (0.8in)
Diameter - Grip
10.9mm (0.4in)
Length - Body
131.8mm (5.2in)
Length - Cap
60mm (2.4in)
Length - Nib
23.8mm (0.9in)
Length - Overall (Closed)
146.2mm (5.8in)
Length - Overall (Posted)
169mm (6.7in)
Weight - Body
26g (1oz)
Weight - Cap
15g (0.6oz)
Weight - Overall
41g (1.6oz)
Max Ink Capacity - Piston/Vac