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This 2019 limited edition Namiki Emperor fountain pen features a flat top clipless design and has been decorated with maki-e by the skilled artisan Yutaka Sato in Japan. This fountain pen has an 18k gold nib in the massive #50 size. The large capacity barrel fills with ink via eyedropper, and the pen comes packaged in a special gift box with a bottle of black ink, maroon cloth, serial number plate, leaflet with certificate card, artist card, and use and care guide for Namiki. Each pen takes months to create.

SHOKI is a legendary Chinese mythological figure that is reputed to possess talismanic powers.

Even in Japan, records surviving from the Muromachi period (1336–1573) carry many depictions of SHOKI. At the end of the Edo period (1603–1868) it became common to display SHOKI dolls as talismans to protect children, drive out evil spirits, and bring about academic achievement, particularly during the Boy’s Day seasonal festival. The custom has been preserved to this day, with SHOKI continuing to be displayed as one of the May festival dolls. In the traditional machiya merchants’ houses in Kyoto, one can often see townscapes in which SHOKI figurines have been placed on roof eaves as talismans to ward off evil.

Theories abound on the subject of SHOKI folklore, but the legend dates back to China’s T’ang Dynasty (618–907).

When the sixth T’ang emperor, Xuanzong became ill, he had a nightmare in which he was possessed by evil spirits. In the dream, a large demon appeared and vanquished the evil spirits with ease.

When Xuanzong then asked the large demon to identify himself, he gave his name as SHOKI. Having failed the examination to enter the prestigious civil service, SHOKI fell into despair and killed himself, but had nevertheless received a respectful burial. SHOKI explained that he had appeared to rid the country of notorious evil spirits and to bring peace as a way of repaying this favor.

When Xuanzong awoke from his nightmare, his illness was completely gone. To mark that mysterious event, he immediately had an artist draw a SHOKI. The emperor later discovered that the artist’s drawing depicted SHOKI exactly as he had appeared in the dream. It is said that, from that time on, Xuanzong worshipped SHOKI as a god.

Thereafter transcending national borders and ages, SHOKI has come to be venerated among people as a god that wards off evil spirits or plague and invites good luck.

Generally, the SHOKI is depicted wearing a beard, holding a sword to ward off evil in his right hand, and with large, glaring eyes and a scowling countenance.

On this occasion, Namiki has adorned a fountain pen with an image of the trepidation of evil spirits as they run around in an attempt to escape a SHOKI in all of its dreadfulness. At the center of the scene is a SHOKI depicted using Taka Maki-e (Raised Maki-e) and thereby bestowed with an overwhelming presence. The bamboo accents are depicted in Togidashi Maki-e (Burnished Maki-e), the rocks and clouds wherein the evil spirits are hiding are expressed in Shishiai Togidashi-Taka Maki-e (Combined Raised and Burnished Maki-e), which require sophisticated techniques to accomplish. Despite being in the background, the techniques used give these elements and accents an overall sense of three-dimensionality.

The depictions embody the wish that disease and disaster be driven away from those who own this fountain pen, so that their homes will remain in harmony and in good health.

Only 99 of this limited edition have been launched worldwide. Based on the Emperor vest-type, the fountain pen was produced by KOKKOKAI Maki-e artisan Yutaka Sato.

Its rhodium-accented, 18-karat gold nib and high-quality ink delivery system ensure premium writing performance.

The pen is housed in a special presentation box, finished in the same dark green lacquer as the SHOKI’s Kimono and adorned with an arabesque design. This magnificent set is completed with a specially made bottle of ink which features a drawing of bamboo on its cap, as well as a serial number plate depicting the sword the SHOKI carries in his hand.

Appealing to collectors the world over, the 2019 Namiki Limited Edition “SHOKI” fountain pen promises to be a highly sought-after gem for many years to come.

As these pens are truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art, they are warrantied for life by Namiki.

Please note we are unable to accept a return of this pen for any reason once it has been used with ink. Please thoroughly inspect and dry test the pen before use.

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18kt Gold

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Whether or not the nib/tip can retract into the body of the pen (usually for click or twist-open style pens).

Diameter - Body
17.2mm (0.68in)
Diameter - Cap (without clip)
20.0mm (0.79in)
Diameter - Grip

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14.0mm (0.55in)
Length - Body

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158.9mm (6.26in)
Length - Cap
83.7mm (3.30in)
Length - Nib

The measured length of the visible portion of the nib when it is installed in the pen, from grip to tip.

31.7mm (1.25in)
Length - Overall (Closed)
175.0mm (6.89in)
Weight - Body
32.0g (1.13oz)
Weight - Cap
16.7g (0.59oz)
Weight - Overall
49.0g (1.73oz)


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