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A Goulet exclusive! This Rosso Ciliegia is a limited production run of 200 pens, and is the first launch of this model to the world.

Back when motor racing teams were identified by their colours rather than their advertisers, the USA crews wore blue-and-white, Great Britain’s was green, France’s blue. Italy? It could only be red, a colour so evocative of passion that it had to be the hue worn by the Maseratis and Ferraris and Lancias and Alfa-Romeos battling it out on the track. Italy has a lock on the colour, from the finest red wines to spaghetti sauces to the lip gloss of Sophia Loren in the Fifties to the cardinals at the Vatican.

Red informs the country’s traditions, and now it heralds the return of one of the great names from past. A world leader in the creation of fine writing instruments, since the Renaissance, Italy championed the fountain pen through the craftsmanship of Elmo. This was the name initially used from 1927 by Montegrappa, the world leader in the creation of the perfect tools for creating missives, jotting notes, producing a signature with a flourish.

Revived exclusively for the Goulet Pen Company, Elmo returns after an absence of almost 75 years. Its first creation will be a pen conceived to reawaken a love for penmanship, with charms to lure a generation more accustomed to texting. Its rewards are visual and tactile: the debut model in Rosso Ciliegia resin is as rich as a tomato or a ripe cherry grown in Elmo's birthplace, the Bassano region of Northeastern Italy.

Every Elmo pen boasts the design values of the era that gave us the most elegant fashions and the most beautiful motorcars, a decade that to this day continues to influence architecture and fashion: the 1930s and the Art Deco movement that defined it. The Elmo pen therefore exhibits a classic form, ergonomically ideal for the smoothest writing sensation, but so chic that it deserves to be regarded as an objet d’art as much as it is a fine instrument.

In common with its Montegrappa siblings, the Elmo pen is made of the finest materials, is offered as a cartridge/converter fountain pen with a #6 JoWo steel nib and includes a converter. Each pen’s pocket clip terminates in a rolling ball to facilitate ingress and egress from one’s pocket.

As a final touch, the pen’s barrel is engraved with the period logo of Montegrappa, in a complementary tone. It completes a visit to the past, as an entry to a future rich with personal communication – created by the hand of the writer.

Technical Specs

Fountain Pens
Body Material
Cap Type
Compatible inks & refills
Bottled inks, Standard international long cartridges, Standard international short cartridges
Filling Mechanism
Cartridge, Converter
Grip Material
Nib Size
Fine, Medium, Broad
Nib Color
Nib Material
Diameter - Body
14.4mm (0.6in)
Diameter - Cap (without clip)
14.4mm (0.6in)
Diameter - Cap (with clip)
17.5mm (0.7in)
Diameter - Grip
10.3mm (0.4in)
Length - Body
127.8mm (5in)
Length - Cap
60.5mm (2.4in)
Length - Nib
23mm (0.9in)
Length - Overall (Closed)
141mm (5.6in)
Length - Overall (Posted)
163.2mm (6.4in)
Weight - Body
21g (0.7oz)
Weight - Cap
6g (0.2oz)
Weight - Overall
28g (1oz)
Max Ink Capacity - Cartridge
Max Ink Capacity - Converter

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