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Our second exclusive collaboration with the Herbert Pen Company, this limited edition Maymont fountain pen screams spring. Each hand-turned pen is made of a custom resin that features swirls of bright lime green with vibrant purple, with hints of royal blue as well. No two pens are exactly alike.

The Maymont model features a cap that screws to open, and posts securely onto the back of the barrel when writing It comes with a standard international converter and two blue short standard international cartridges, and can be converted to eyedropper fill. It is completed with a smooth-writing silver #6 JoWo nib.

Each pen is individually numbered out of 300. It comes with a Rickshaw Bagworks single pen slip with a polyester canvas fabric to match the pen, and a plush purple interior.

Both the Herbert Pen Company and the Goulet Pen Company are based out of Richmond, Virginia. The Maymont pen model is named after the local Maymont park and gardens. We named this material Belladonna after the exotic plant (also known as deadly nightshade) that shares its colors.

We do our best to photograph the pens to show how they will appear in person, but due to the nature of the material, expect some variation in the pattern from what you see here. We’re unable to honor any preferential pattern requests at this time.

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Technical Specs

Herbert Pen Company
Fountain Pens
Green, Purple

Whether or not the barrel of the pen is translucent, allowing you to see the ink and filling mechanism inside.

Body Material
Cap Rotations

For pens with a screw-cap closure, how many rotations it takes to uncap/recap the pen.

Cap Type

How the cap is opened/closed from the barrel of the pen. Some common options include Snap-Cap, Screw-Cap, Magnetic Cap, or Capless (no cap).

Compatible inks & refills

Which ink this pen will accept. Choices include bottled ink and various styles of pre-filled ink cartridges.

Bottled inks, Standard international long cartridges, Standard international short cartridges
Filling Mechanism

How the pen fills with ink. Click here to watch our video tutorial on common filling mechanisms.

Cartridge, Converter, Eyedropper
Grip Material
Nib Size
Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 1.1mm Stub
Nib Color
Nib Material

Whether or not the cap fits securely onto the back of the barrel when open.


Whether or not the nib/tip can retract into the body of the pen (usually for click or twist-open style pens).

Diameter - Body
14.3mm (0.56in)
Diameter - Cap (without clip)
16.4mm (0.65in)
Diameter - Cap (with clip)
19.6mm (0.77in)
Diameter - Grip

Measured from the place most people choose to rest their fingers, which varies with each pen.

10.2mm (0.40in)
Length - Body

The measurement from the back end of the barrel to the tip of the nib.

134.2mm (5.28in)
Length - Cap
73.6mm (2.90in)
Length - Nib

The measured length of the visible portion of the nib when it is installed in the pen, from grip to tip.

23.4mm (0.92in)
Length - Overall (Closed)
153.0mm (6.02in)
Length - Overall (Posted)

When the cap of the pen is posted onto the back of the pen body, this is the measurement of the entire pen including the nib.

180.2mm (7.09in)
Weight - Body
13.0g (0.46oz)
Weight - Cap
10.0g (0.35oz)
Weight - Overall
24.0g (0.85oz)
Max Ink Capacity - Cartridge

The maximum volume of ink that can fit in the pen when using a cartridge.

Max Ink Capacity - Converter

The maximum volume of ink that can fit in the pen when using a converter.

Max Ink Capacity - Eyedropper

The maximum volume of ink that can fit in the pen when filling the entire barrel of the pen via eyedropper.



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