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Scepter IV

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The new BENU Scepter collection of fountain pens features helical facets and an ergonomic design for long periods of comfortable writing. This resin fountain pen features a purple and pink base with large silver sparkles throughout. It has a  Schmidt #5 stainless steel nib, a black resin grip and accents, is clipless, and does not post. This fountain pen comes with a standard international converter and one long blue ink cartridge. You can also convert it to eyedropper fill.

Inspired by a centuries-old symbol of authority, divine power and good fortune, the Scepter collection of fountain pens offers a glimpse of a majestic staff as depicted in the history of civilizations, ancient legends and modern fantasy stories. Scepters have been featured through history as universal symbols of invincible power. Carried by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, the top of the Was Scepter was often shaped as the head of the divine Benu bird. Wielded by the warrior Agamemnon in Homer’s Iliad, Scepters were more recently seen as the staff of Gandalf the White in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Loki’s weapon in the Marvel movies.

“When co-founder Alexey Semanin and the team created the prototype of the new model, all of us couldn’t help but notice that its shape closely resembled one of the most well-known regalia. When we showed it to a few of our regular customers, the verdict was final—this is a Scepter of the true fountain pen enthusiast,” said Kate Dmitrieva, Co-Founder and Company Director of BENU.

Featuring helical facets and an ergonomic design for long periods of comfortable writing, the new collection of fountain pens from BENU is available in different colors and textures. Taking the concept of Scepters even further by following the tradition of distinguishing monarchs with the same given name by their ordinals, the company has used roman numerals to name each of the color variations in the Scepter line as Scepter I, Scepter II, Scepter III, etc.

“Our latest collection of attention-grabbing fountain pens is for those who appreciate playful, provocative and vibrant writing instruments. The Scepter pens are truly empowering wands for everyone. The naming we adopted shows that we do know how to have fun at BENU after all,” added Dmitrieva.

Founded in January 2016 by Alex Semanin and Kate Dmitrieva, BENU is a Moscow-based manufacturer of concept-driven, handmade writing instruments that play with creative shapes and an extensive palette of vivid colors. Targeting those who prefer bright colors and new designs, the company designs writing instruments and desk accessories that are playful, stylish, fun and made of high-quality nontoxic material. Designed and handcrafted in their Moscow-based production facilities in Russia, BENU fountain pens are made in house, except for the nibs, ink cartridges and converters.

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Technical Specs

Fountain Pens
Pink, Purple, Silver

Whether or not the barrel of the pen is translucent, allowing you to see the ink and filling mechanism inside.

Body Material
Cap Rotations

For pens with a screw-cap closure, how many rotations it takes to uncap/recap the pen.

Cap Type

How the cap is opened/closed from the barrel of the pen. Some common options include Snap-Cap, Screw-Cap, Magnetic Cap, or Capless (no cap).

Compatible inks & refills

Which ink this pen will accept. Choices include bottled ink and various styles of pre-filled ink cartridges.

Bottled Inks, Standard international long, Standard international short cartridges
Filling Mechanism

How the pen fills with ink. Click here to watch our video tutorial on common filling mechanisms.

Cartridge, Converter, Eyedropper
Grip Material
Nib Size
Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad
Nib Color
Nib Material

Whether or not the cap fits securely onto the back of the barrel when open.


Whether or not the nib/tip can retract into the body of the pen (usually for click or twist-open style pens).

Diameter - Body
18.7mm (0.74in)
Diameter - Cap (without clip)
18.7mm (0.74in)
Diameter - Grip

Measured from the place most people choose to rest their fingers, which varies with each pen.

9.6mm (0.38in)
Length - Body

The measurement from the back end of the barrel to the tip of the nib.

121.4mm (4.78in)
Length - Cap
59.7mm (2.35in)
Length - Nib

The measured length of the visible portion of the nib when it is installed in the pen, from grip to tip.

16.8mm (0.66in)
Length - Overall (Closed)
132.8mm (5.23in)
Weight - Body
18.0g (0.63oz)
Weight - Cap
7.0g (0.25oz)
Weight - Overall
25.0g (0.88oz)
Max Ink Capacity - Cartridge

The maximum volume of ink that can fit in the pen when using a cartridge.

Max Ink Capacity - Converter

The maximum volume of ink that can fit in the pen when using a converter.

Max Ink Capacity - Eyedropper

The maximum volume of ink that can fit in the pen when filling the entire barrel of the pen via eyedropper.



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