on salePineider Back to the Future Fountain Pen (Limited Edition)

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on salePineider Back to the Future Fountain Pen (Limited Edition)

Product Code PD-PP3201-447EF

2 reviews

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Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days


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This limited edition fountain pen is made from carboiridium, with a piston filler and soft 14kt gold Quill nib. Inspired by an Italian book published by Pineider in 1949 (included!) about the rebuilding of the country following WWII.

More about this pen:

A journey into the past with an ultramodern tool captures the significance of Pineider's new pen.

The search for our origins, for our history and for forms with undying beauty are the inspiration of our new pen named Back to the Future.

Back to the Future is more than just a pen, it is a journey on which we set out to rediscover ancient knowledge, a primordial writing implement; but at the same time, it is the centuries-old history of Pineider that began in 1774 and, crucially, was reborn from the horrors of war along with the rest of Italy in 1949, in what the Mayans would call a new beginning.

Its inspiration is the quill, a writing tool from time immemorial made out of bamboo cane, that has allowed mankind to hand down knowledge, wisdom and his own history generation after generation. The quill is the magical carriage that takes us on our journey back in time. We went in search of the way we were in 1949, the year of impatience, when Italy was a favorite destination for Hollywood movie stars and Pineider was laboriously but enthusiastically rebuilding its future along with the people of Italy.

The book that comes with the pen, published by Pineider, tells the story of the Italy of the period, including through Pineider's clientele who visited our premises in Florence: Hollywood movie stars, artists, politicians and scientists, in other words the 'crème de la crème' of the international jet set.

Those were tough years yet they were years full of hopes and dreams, of the will to live, filled with a love of life – years that author Pier Luigi Pizzi, a set designer, costume designer and film director, recounts and illustrates with photographs of the leading personalities of the time.

Back to the Future: the future of the Italian people and of the world as a whole needs to be rebuilt, reimagined and reinvented today more than ever before.

Back to the Future is a limited edition of 949 fountain pens or roller pens with a single world numbering system.

The shape is inspired by the quill, the writing implement of the ancient Egyptians and Romans, made from a cane or rush and used right up until the 6th century AD before being gradually replaced by the goose-feather quill.

The cap and barrel are in carboiridium, a carbographite cane with a special finish in spiralled carboiridium lending it a moiré effect whenever it is exposed to direct light.

The clip, a further variant of the goose-feather quill, has a technical sophistication for its design motif and the mechanism is miniaturized and concealed in its interior.

The fountain pen has an extra-flexible nib in 14kt gold and a piston filling system.

One of Back to the Future's most outstanding features is the precision of all its parts.

While inspired by a centuries-old implement, the pen is manufactured and assembled with superb precision as we can see, for example, in the accuracy of the cap/barrel join and the smooth functioning of the piston filler.

The 14kt gold nib was designed in 2017. In keeping with the global trend in writing, we created a nib that we christened hyperflexible and that is endowed with an excellent memory.

The designers sought to achieve a flexible nib for writing rather than a nib for calligraphy, which performs in a somewhat different manner. Our primary aim was to bring the pleasure of writing even to newcomers to the art, although we should never forget that a fountain pen is an extension of the hand and requires no pressure for writing.

Technical Specs

Fountain Pens

Whether or not the barrel of the pen is translucent, allowing you to see the ink and filling mechanism inside.

Body Material
Cap Type

How the cap is opened/closed from the barrel of the pen. Some common options include Snap-Cap, Screw-Cap, Magnetic Cap, or Capless (no cap).

Magnetic cap
Compatible inks & refills

Which ink this pen will accept. Choices include bottled ink and various styles of pre-filled ink cartridges.

Bottled inks
Filling Mechanism

How the pen fills with ink. Click here to watch our video tutorial on common filling mechanisms.

Grip Material
Nib Size
Soft Extra-Fine, Soft Fine, Soft Medium, Soft Broad, Soft 1.3mm Stub
Nib Color
Nib Material
14kt Gold

Whether or not the cap fits securely onto the back of the barrel when open.


Whether or not the nib/tip can retract into the body of the pen (usually for click or twist-open style pens).

Diameter - Body
13.5mm (0.53in)
Diameter - Cap (without clip)
13.5mm (0.53in)
Diameter - Cap (with clip)
17.7mm (0.70in)
Diameter - Grip

Measured from the place most people choose to rest their fingers, which varies with each pen.

12.5mm (0.49in)
Length - Body

The measurement from the back end of the barrel to the tip of the nib.

126.2mm (4.97in)
Length - Cap
64.1mm (2.52in)
Length - Nib

The measured length of the visible portion of the nib when it is installed in the pen, from grip to tip.

19.7mm (0.78in)
Length - Overall (Closed)
145.2mm (5.72in)
Length - Overall (Posted)

When the cap of the pen is posted onto the back of the pen body, this is the measurement of the entire pen including the nib.

166.7mm (6.56in)
Weight - Body

If a converter is included with the pen, this weight is reflected in the total.

21.0g (0.74oz)
Weight - Cap
9.0g (0.32oz)
Weight - Overall

If a converter is included with the pen, this weight is reflected in the total.

30.0g (1.06oz)
Max Ink Capacity - Piston Vac

The maximum volume of ink that can fit in the pen when using the built-in piston or vacuum filling mechanism.



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