on saleGirologio 48 Pen Case - Bomber Brown

Product Code GG-48-6

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on saleGirologio 48 Pen Case - Bomber Brown

Product Code GG-48-6

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Bomber Brown

This brown leather Girologio zippered pen case has a plaid fabric interior and holds up to 48 pens. Made from high quality, ecologically tanned leather, Girologio pen cases are an excellent choice for protecting your writing instruments. These leather cases are soft and supple while simultaneously being tough and durable.

Pen Storage
Pen Capacity
Case Depth
43.4mm (1.7in)
Case Height
355.6mm (14in)
Case Width
304.8mm (12in)
Closure Type
Exterior Material
Interior Color
Interior Material

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
William H.
A great case for pen collectors

This is my second 48-pen case from Girologio, and I'm loving it. I have far too many pens. I've tried display cases, but they took up too much space in my office, and besides that, I don't need or want to have them all on display. These cases are the perfect compromise: easy organization and accessibility in a compact storage format.

Richard R.
Girologio 48 Pen Case

I now have 3 48 Pen Cases and 3- 24 Pen Cases and 2- 12 pen cases, very happy with quality and value. Leather looks and feels great, I have both Saddle & bomber colors.

Courtney R.
Nice case however...

I purchased this pen case because of the nice color on the outside and because of the design of the interior. When it arrived I really liked the bomber brown color and everything on the outside looked perfect. However upon opening it I did find that the internal partition was really wrinkled up and had also warped. I later learned that by design I could expect some wrinkles on the interior fabric but it should not have been warped. I ended up exchanging it for a different case. To summarize I liked the exterior of the case and the color. This one case was flawed in that the interior partition was warped but I learned and was shown that it was by no means typical of this style case. However the wrinkles are normal and can range from really obvious to subtle.

Jake A.
Awesome Case Awesome Price

DO YOU have your pens just tossed in a desk drawer? Sitting on top of the desk? In a coffee mug? In a dinky office supply store pen caddy? I had pens in all of these places. AND MORE - but that's a story for another time. After much debate with my inner self, I decided it was time to invest in a pen case. The Girologio 48 Pen Case in Bomber Brown jumped out at me. I LOVE the color, it's a soft, supple leather. The zipper pulls perfectly and smoothly. There's no stray threads poking out or anything in the stitching. Inside, I love the plaid sort of design, and the pen loops are perfect. I have a fat Jinhao 159, goes in no problem. Big old Neponset, like a glove. The upper and lower loops lock the pens in place snugly and I've had none try to escape. The only problem I have is I'm going to have to buy another one soon.


That's what I've always been looking for. Finally all my pens together and clear.

FAQs about Pen Storage

What’s the best way to store an inked fountain pen? 8EDA1617-F73A-4DAF-8245-6D2BF4ABEB7B

There is no right or wrong way, but a lot of people find that storing them nib up is good if your pen tends to run wet, or nib down if your pen is more dry writing.

Horizontal is never a bad way to store your pens either, and is what the majority of the Goulet Pens team does.

Here's a video on pen storage options:

Help! My pen leaks when it’s in my purse/bag/pocket! 8EDA1617-F73A-4DAF-8245-6D2BF4ABEB7B

As fountain pen ink is water based, and fountain pens are basically a controlled leak, any type of jostling motion can cause the fountain pen ink to leak out. We recommend you do not carry them loose in anything where they could get jostled and cause the ink to leak out.

What's your return policy? 8EDA1617-F73A-4DAF-8245-6D2BF4ABEB7B

We accept returns for up to 30 days from purchase. You can read all our Return Policies here.

To initiate a return, please submit a request at the Return Portal. Our Customer Care team might reach out to you for more information.