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Unlike traditional primary grade handwriting manuals that seek to introduce the basic techniques of written language to young students, The Art of Cursive Penmanship presents the subject of handwriting as a valuable and spontaneous skill for the adult. In this context, it remains an intimate ability of communication and expression; a personal asset for life.

Authored by internationally recognized master penman, Michael R. Sull, The Art of Cursive Penmanship focuses on practical self-study techniques designed to accommodate anyone's personal or professional schedule. With determined and consistent use, the daily application of these methods will result in progressive improvement of letterforms, legibility, letter spacing, creating one's signature, the appearance of an individual's penmanship, and the physical action of handwriting through proper posture, correct use of hand and arm muscles, paper position, and a comfortable speed of writing. Recommendations are also offered on the most efficient writing instruments to use, so that handwriting becomes a pleasant activity to be enjoyed, rather than an action merely to be effected.

This 253-page spiralbound workbook measures 9.75" x 11.25" and is fountain pen friendly!

About the Author:

Michael R. Sull is a certified American master penman recognized internationally for his efforts to promote the techniques and history of American penmanship. In a career spanning thirty-five years, he has taught in forty-five states and twelve foreign countries, and is considered the most significant living American master penman of the past sixty years. A former lettering artist for Hallmark Cards, he served as former President Ronald Reagan's personal calligrapher and was the founder and designer of the Spencerian Monument for American Handwriting in Geneva, Ohio. Mr. Sull is currently the corporate master penman for the Zaner-Bloser Company. He resides in Gardner, Kansas.

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