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This limited edition version is numbered out of 500 and signed by the author.

The success of Fountain Pens Vintage and Modern throughout the world encouraged the author, Andreas Lambrou, to embark on a more substantial reference work. It has taken over three years and an investment of $400,000 to produce Fountain Pens of the World.

Fountain Pens of the World details companies and pens that have not been previously published in a book on pens.

In his foreword for the book Richard Leigh, an author in London, wrote:

“With the fountain pen once more in vogue, there has been an increasingly pressing need for a definitive book on the subject. It is just such a need that this book addresses. The pages that follow encompass an ambitious and impressive spectrum. They provide a comprehensive yet accessible history of the fountain pen and of its primary manufacturers. They constitute an indispensable manual for collectors, offering an authoritative guide to rare models and worthy investments. They furnish a vivid introduction for the novice, and a welcome compendium for the initiate and devotee. They comprise, in short, the nearest approximation possible to a definitive reference work – an encyclopedia of the fountain pen. And through their copious illustrations and vibrant photographs, they convey, with intense immediacy, just how beautiful an instrument the fountain pen can be”.

Guy Ryecart Photography Limited and Robert Enever Associates, two professional studios specializing in pen photography were commissioned to create the photographs for the book. Guy Ryecart, a creative photographer, travelled with the author in Europe and the USA to capture the photos of rare pens in private collections and company museums. The book contains 170 specially commissioned photographs in full color, the majority full page.

Fountain Pens of the World contains the largest number of pens illustrated in a book. The pens are all shown lifesize and they have a market value of around US $2.5 million.

A wide variety of period advertisements, several in full color, complement the text. They recreate the feel of the era when the pens were manufactured.

Lenya Lambrou, daughter of the author, created 100 specially commissioned hand produced line drawings of pens demonstrating the evolution of the fountain pens through the ages in a unique and exciting manner. She also created illustrations of technical drawings for key models.

Limited Editions and Commemorative Issues from around the world are documented in a special chapter. Vivid photographs are show the pens in life size and compliment the text.

The book has an entire chapter devoted to materials and techniques including lacquering, engraving and plastic identification.

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