Visconti Blue: Ink Review

Visconti Blue: Ink Review

Visconti Blue is a bright blue ink with a little bit of surprise red sheen. It's a well behaved, slightly more wet writing ink. Let us walk you through all the details of this great ink!

  Visconti Blue: Ink Review writing sample
Visconti Blue ink Review writing sample
Visconti Blue close up writing sample


Supplies Used:

Smear Test (Dry Time):

  • Slow– This is a wet one! Dry time is over 30 seconds but totally worth it for the gorgeous color of the ink. If you are writing in a journal or notebook, you'll want to set it aside before turning the page or use blotting paper.

Drip Test (Water Resistance):

  • Low-This ink smeared an enormous amount when water was applied! The lines basically disappeared and all you see is a mess.


  • Medium– You can definitely see a difference between the first
    and second swab. The second and third look pretty much the same, however. Not the most saturated, but not the least by any means.

Ease of Cleaning:

  • Easy-The low water resistance makes this ink a breeze to clean out of your pen. Since it does have dark pigments on it, the same cannot be said for your hands!


  • Medium– I loved the shading in this ink! Not super high, but definitely noticeable. It was fun and pleasant to write with.


  • Medium– This is a steady flowing ink, maybe even tending towards heavy.

Packaging and Aesthetics:

  • 40ml plastic bottle with an interesting shape. 2ml ink samples also available.
  • It comes packaged with a stand and a plastic see through covering. It's an interesting design!
  • Small opening, but deep ink reservoir. Not the easiest to fill from the bottle, but the Visconti Traveling Inkwell makes filling any pen a breeze.
  • Visconti Blue: Ink Review
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Summary:  We love, not just like this ink! It's a bold blue that jumps off the page. The little bit of red sheen you can see on the Tomoé River paper is an added bonus. It's vibrant and lively without being obnoxious. Perfect if you get bored with more understated blue inks typically seen in the workplace. It's a great ink choice for that as well.


Drawing of a snowflake in Visconti Blue ink