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International Shipping
Do I have to pay duties/customs?
  Laws vary by country, so it depends on your country's regulations. You are responsible for paying any assessed customs fees upon receipt. We are not responsible for any customs fees charged.

Important note: Whoever receives the package is responsible for paying any applicable duties or taxes on the received products, even if it is being shipped as a gift! We cannot mark packages as gifts, and we will not falsify the total value of the package to skirt customs fees. All contents will be stated on the outside of the package as part of the customs form.

Another note: If you fail to pay the duties for your parcel and it is returned to us, you will have the option for us to re-ship your package to you (and you will pay for shipping again), or we can cancel your order and refund you for the products less the original shipping amount paid. We will reach out to you once your package is returned to us.
Help! I think my package got lost.
  While most international packages show up within a week or two, we have seen some take as long as six to eight weeks if they get stuck in customs.

First, check with your country's local customs office. In many countries, you can give them your tracking/package number and they can tell you if it's in their system or not. If not, please let us know and we'll do our best to track it down with USPS. However, if you elected the First-Class mail option, unfortunately there is NO tracking that can be done. USPS will not be able to tell us where your package is. This is part of the tradeoff of the economical price.

If it’s been several weeks and your package still hasn't showed up, we ask that you be patient and wait at least sixty days to see if it arrives (and again, check with your customs office). We can’t process a claim with our shipping insurance for sixty days, so until then, there isn't much that we can do.
How much is my shipping?
  We ship all of our packages via USPS. Simply add the items you want into your cart, and you'll be given shipping options and prices.

For international orders, we offer three options:

First-Class Mail
This is the cheapest option, but can take up to several weeks to arrive (in extreme cases, up to 6-8 weeks) and tracking isn't available outside the US. First-class mail is only available for lightweight packages (under several pounds) up to $300 in value. The cost varies - it usually starts around $7 and depends on the total order weight and your country.

Priority Mail
This has some limited tracking and usually takes about 1-3 weeks to arrive. It’s available for any weight of package, up to $300 in value. Cost usually starts around $30 and is based on the total order weight and your country.

Express Mail
While the most expensive, we recommend this option as it offers full tracking and is the most reliable. It’s used for any package over $300 or for anyone wishing to receive their package quickly, usually in under a week (depending on customs). Cost usually starts around $40 and is based on the total order weight and your country.
Oops! I gave you an incorrect shipping address.
  Please email us at immediately if you realize that you gave us the wrong shipping address — if it hasn't shipped yet, we should be able to correct it before it goes out the door.

If your package has already shipped and ends up being returned to us, then you are responsible for paying the cost of shipping again to resend it to you. If you decide to cancel your order, we'll refund you for the products minus the original shipping charges. We'll reach out to you to coordinate your options before reshipping.
Do you ship to my country?
  We welcome orders in almost all countries, as long as USPS currently ships there.

Currently, we are not shipping to Russia, Ukraine, or Vietnam because of too many lost or fraudulent packages and/or USPS restrictions.

At this time, we cannot ship Express Mail to the Czech Republic, but First-Class and Priority are still available options.

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