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Ink Drop
Can I sign up just for one month?
  Sure thing! If you purchase the prepaid version of our membership, you can select how many months you want to sign up for, anywhere from just one month to a year or more.

When your prepaid membership is about to expire, we'll send you an email to remind you of your option to renew.
How do I cancel my Ink Drop membership?
  Simply send an email to, stating you wish to cancel your membership.
I need to update my credit card on file. How do I do that?
  1. Click on the “My Account” link at the top of our site.
2. Select 'Edit or delete a credit / debit card'
3. Add your new credit card information.

If you want this new card to be available for the next time we charge your card (like for your Ink Drop membership fee), make sure to select the checkbox for 'Apply this payment method change to ALL my existing orders.'
I'm moving. How do I update my address?
  Please email to make sure we have your new address. Unfortunately, there are some limitations to our website and updating your address through the site won’t necessarily update your Ink Drop membership address.
When is the latest I can sign up to receive this month's colors?
  You can sign up as late as the 10th of the current month to receive that month's colors. So if you're interested in June's colors, you have until June 10th to sign up. If you sign up on June 11th, you’ll get July’s colors.

We're happy to make exceptions if you sign up late, just put a note in your order comments to let us know your preferences.

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